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Welcome to Keesaragutta

The history of Keesara goes back to early Christian era. In fact it is the oldest inhabited place of Hyderabad city. The history of Hyderabad starts from the history of Keesara. Keesara was once the capital city of Vishnukundins dynasty. The ruins of old fort can be seen on the hill the name literally translates to “The temple of a core lingams situated on the hillock of Lord Hanuman”.





Devotees Experiences...

It is most serene & powerful place in hyderabad     - Smt Neelima Chakrahari, Karimnagar

Poojaris are very patient    - Suberna Gosh . Culcutta

Temple is very neat & staff is very  friendly   - Robert Smith , Chicago USA.

Spiritual vibration  Experience         - Joe , Berlin, Germany

Keesaragutta will become spiritual hub of Hyderabad    -  Madhavan , Chennai